About Us

You have arrived at the home of retail energy. Welcome to Ambit Energy.com.

Here at Ambit Energy, we provide deregulated energy to 17 areas across the US, Canada, and Japan. We know that homeowners and businesses in these countries want great value and customer experiences. And that’s exactly why we give it to them.

Our Story

Cast your mind back to 2006. It was the year when Jere Thompson, Jr. met with Chris Chambless with an objective of combining the power of direct sales with the field of energy deregulation. What happened next? Well, the launch of Ambit Energy of course…

The two became strong friends, that were growing an even stronger business, and it wasn’t long before the wider industry recognized them for their great work. For example in 2010, Ambit Energy was named #1 Fastest Growing Company in America, by Inc. Magazine. Following this, it was named #1 for the most positive recommendations shared with friends, family, and co-workers. Having won the latter award, we weren’t surprised to see more and more customers choosing us, as we crossed the one-million-customer mark.

And just seven years later, Ambit Energy broke into Japanese markets, and into Canada a year later (2018). Our promise is to keep providing unbeatable value and experiences for our customers. And in turn, this is why we continue to attract more and more happy people.

Our Mission

‘To be the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America…’

Many of our smiling customers tell us we’re already there, as we continue to put smiles on their faces, and treat each one of our million customers as unique as we know they are. We also lead the way when it comes to cost-effective choices and providing innovative options to every single customer.

Our People

Our business has two main focuses: our customers and our people.

Ambit Energy is proud to be named in the SMU/Cox Dallas 100™ for the second year running and the Dallas Morning News has also named us in their ‘Top 100 Places to Work’. From our expert consultants, caring volunteers or front-line customer service team, each and every member of our family continues to spread value around the world.

Our Purpose Beyond Profit

Put simply, there are too many people fighting hunger in America. And we want to make a difference. AmbitCares.org is our charity, which focuses on energizing the Ambit community to make a difference. As a Supporting Partner of Feeding America, the largest organization fighting domestic hunger, we’ve continued to provide donations in the hundreds of thousands of pounds, as well as over three thousand hours of volunteer time.

Join us to make a difference at AmbitCares.org.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing your energy supplier should be a simple and straightforward task. And when you’ve decided on a provider, you should feel amazed by the great service and value you receive. When you choose Ambit Energy, it’s a feeling every one of our million+ new customers feel. Why not discover the feeling for yourself? Call us today to get started: 888-211-6864 or click here to check service in your area.